• Exhibition "Carte Postale. Woman at the Break of the Era "

    1 - 28 February, Opening 1.02 at 18:30
    Cafe-gallery "Shtuka"
    Price: Free entrance
    At the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in the whole of Ukraine, a modernist - artistic direction that has touched upon most areas of human activity, including architecture, art and fashion, reigned in the whole of Ukraine. In Lviv, just like in Vienna, the term "secession", which was characterized by gravitation to natural forms and vegetative ornaments, came to be used for its definition.

  • Exhibition "ART-TEXTILE"

    February 9 - March 16, Opening 9.02 at 17:00
    Gallery "Seasons"
    The expressive means of modern artistic textiles, which enriched the palette of shaping and texture-plastic capabilities, are attracting the attention of contemporary artists. Textile as a material gives enormous opportunities for creative experimentation. Based on the profound traditions of the Lviv School of Textiles, artists create extremely interesting, conceptual and aesthetically perfect works.

  • Exhibition by Yaroslava Tkachuk "Labyrinth"

    February 13 - March 7, Opening 13.02 at 17:00
    Labyrinths-Circuits surround and create our world. All communication systems, ways of transferring and storing information, Internet networks, transport networks, in the end, brain work and our thoughts are also a kind of maze.

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