• Atlas

    Address: 45, Rynok Sq.
    Phone: 0322 358 188
    Work time 8:00 am - 12:00 am
    Here you can choose among four different rooms - one with barrels instead of seats, the second with columns and frescoes, the third - dusk with expensive chairs, the fourth - the walls are decorated with dravings of Casimir Sihulskoho.

  • Kumpel

    Address: 6 Vynnychenka str
    Phone: 242-17-80
    Work time: 0.00 - 24.00
    This is the first restaurant-brewery in Lviv. The beer is actually brewed on the premises, in the basement.
    Different sorts of beer are brewed in this restaurant. Moreover, the beer is not filtered so that you can enjoy the tasty flavour of a real drink.

  • Legend’s House (Dim Legend)

    Address: 48, Staroevreyska str
    Phone:(050) 430-29-24
    In manystore café you can count Lviv pavement, see underground river Poltva via webcam or listen to "mayor snore". Tavern ends with small summer terrace with a monument to chimneysweep and parked cars.

  • Hasova Lyampa (Kerosene Lamp)

    Address: 20 Virmens'ka str.
    Phone: 050 371-09-08
    Work time: 10:00-02:00
    This restaurant and tavern is the first museum-restaurant in Ukraine. In fact, it hosts a huge collection of kerosene lamps, as the first kerosene lamp was invented in Lviv in 1853. Here, guests can enjoy a pleasant and tasty meal, and find out more about the history of these lamps.

  • Kryyivka ("Underground Bunker")

    Adress: Rynok Sq. 14
    Work time: round-the-clock  
    Phone: +38(050)4306354  
    Located in Lviv’s historic heart on the Rynok Square, the restaurant Kryivka is probably one of the city’s most famous facilities. A soldier welcomes restaurant’s guests with the phrase “Glory to Ukraine!” at the entrance.

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